Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Vicki See

Vicki See : Fashion Design, New York
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A Designer based in New York


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hi ya lingo.... sorry this took a while. been busy running around.

Here's a scoop for the LA TEXTILE SHOW that went on OCT 18-24. I stayed at the hip STANDARD HOTEL in downtown LA, which has a wonderful rooftop pool. The STANDARD hotel is about a 5 min drive to CALIFORNIA MARKET PLACE where the textile show was held. The show was very large; about 4 to 5 levels of all types of fabrics & trim suppliers. Suppliers include French, Italian, American & Asian sources. Range from high end to mass market. There's also a Print Resource show that goes on as well.

Finds: 1)
I found the best USA beefy cottons with wonderful handfeels; the mill that supplies terry cloth, cotton ribs , cotton jerseys to companies such as JUICY & C&C Company.
Finds: 2)
There were also a lot of mills which has in-stock programs... ie no minimums... PERFECT for small designers. They had a great range of cols, pricing is competitive & there's enough yardage to make at least 300-1000 garments. Fabrics include cut & sew type fabrics to twills & canvases to ripstop nylons.
Finds: 3)
Swimwear fabrics from BRAZIL!!!
Finds: 4)
Heavy duty brass ware for Bags. Buckles, eyelets, zippers, knobs, turnlocks... great stuff!!
Finds: 5)
Hemp fabrics!! Hemp canvas, jerseys etc

Since the LA Textile show is the last fabric show on the circuit; the exhibitors are more relaxed, they've seen all their big clients, you can look through their entire collection... ask questions...etc Very chill. Much nicer than PV I am sure.

There were many buyers out there. Some that I saw included BCBG, JOIE, MACYS WEST...

My Best Find out there in Cally Land was denim washing facilities. Since 9/11, US fashion has gone west. LA boosts all the hip & cool contempory designers. Their staple fashion item : DENIM. Brands such as EARL JEANS, JOIE JEANS, TRUE RELIGION, SEVEN, HUMANITY etc sell just that. The technology that goes behind each jean is another story. Hand scrubbing, blasting, acids ... there's no end to the torture denim jeans go through to acheive the perfect used & cool destructed look. They even have robots doing the job for them. Cost is high but so worth the look.

Of course, it wasn't all work & no fun. After the show, I moved out of Downtown LA & moved to VENICE BEACH. Hung out for a couple days... checked out some surfers.. trying to catch last bit of summer before returning to cold drabby NYC.

If anyone would like to get more information regarding LA TEXTILE SHOW, fabrics, facilities or just where to stay in LA. Send an email to:

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